Indoor seedlings: 3 week update

The seedlings are about 3 weeks old now and have flourished under the grow lights.

P1030879Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 9.47.05 PM

Like whoah.

Since I sowed a couple seeds per cell, I thinned out the plants by cutting out the weaker seedlings, leaving the strongest one in each cell. Oh, the tough decisions a parent must make.


The peas were the exception with just one pea seed in each cell. They grew big relatively fast, so I transferred them to larger containers (reused yogurt cups with drainage holes cut out at the bottom, filled with vermicompost for fertilizer). They are in dire need of trellising, but the weekend weather hasn’t been conducive to garden work thus far.


My spinach seeds are taking their sweet time though…3 weeks later, and still…RADIO SILENCE…


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