Getting ready to go outside

A calm, sunny day in the 60’s is like a diamond in the rough weather of the Tri-Cities. So when a place like this gives you a day like that, you make the most of it…because you never know when you’ll get that day again. Today was a such a day, which made it perfect to start hardening off the seedlings. The seed trays were covered with humidity domes and left outside this morning for a few hours to bask in the sunshine.


And now, a shameless plug about these humidity domes: these can make the transition from indoors to outdoors for seedlings easier by serving as mini greenhouses. They’re 7″ tall to accommodate bigger plant starts, with adjustable vents on the top and sides. Plus, I found these for a good price ($5 each) at Portland Nursery.



When I checked on the seedlings at noon, I noticed that some were wilting from the heat. It must have been a bit much for their first day out, so I re-watered them and returned them indoors under the grow lights for the remainder of the day. They eventually perked back up. I’ll have to harden off the seedlings more gradually so I don’t end up killing them prematurely.

Lastly, I started a new batch of seeds to practice succession planting. My spring garden plan allotted space for more bok choy, lettuce, onions, and peas. Staggering the plantings will also provide a more continuous harvest instead of one large lump sum of produce. Let’s see what happens.


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