Good golly garlic

Numerous plants have come and gone through the garden and the time has arrived for some others to get uprooted: the garlic. I planted the cloves at the end of last November, cut back the scapes in May and June, and by now most of the leaves on the stalks have turned brown. According to the instructions that accompanied my garlic bulbs, this is the ripe time to dig them out. Like a kid anxiously testing a spot presumably concealing buried treasure, I carefully brushed away several inches of dirt surrounding one of the stalks and discovered a fully developed, white garlic bulb underneath! I harvested the rest of the bulbs, wiped as much dirt off them as I could, and stored them in a relatively dark hallway in the house where they will be left to cure for 4-6 weeks.

Samarkand Persian Star garlic (left), Music garlic (right)


These all originated from the cloves of two garlic bulbs!


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