Front yard makeover – part 1

Earlier this year, drought restrictions in California had been lifted (unwisely so, in my humble opinion). And thus, our HOA sent out a letter saying that we no longer have an excuse to have dry/dead lawns.

I’m not much of a fan of lawns. And the environmentalist in me wanted to protest. But the frugal, rule abiding citizen in me also didn’t want to get fined. So, I got out my collection of saved newspapers, made a trip to the local landfill to pack my SUV with free compost and spent a good weekend on a DIY waterwise landscape makeover.

Here’s the before and after:


After covering the dry lawn with newspapers and a thick layer of compost, I topped it off with brown mulch and decorated with planters. Here’s the breakdown of materials and costs:

  • Newspapers = FREE (from work)
  • Compost = FREE (Miramar Greenery)
  • Brown mulch (Home Depot fortunately had a sale the weekend I did this) = $20
  • Landscaping stones (Home Depot) = $11
  • 2 large terracotta planters painted blue (farmers market, locally made) = $50
  • White and salmon ivy geraniums (Armstrong Garden Center) = $20
  • Planters containing succulents = FREE (I already had the planters and the succulents were propagated from cuttings my mom has collected over the years)
  • Labor = me

Running cost: $101


One thought on “Front yard makeover – part 1

  1. Looks great. I do not understand the attitude – just because a drought situation is lifted, somehow it’s okay to waste water on keeping the lawns green again. PTL I don’t live in a neighborhood with an HOA.

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