Welcome to my garden journal/journey.

My love for growing edible plants began in 2009 on a 3rd floor apartment balcony overlooking the I-5 onramp off La Jolla Village Drive. I didn’t think any plants could survive under my supervision, until I picked my first bell pepper on my balcony. I got hooked pretty fast. Soon afterwards I was starting flats of heirloom seeds, building raised beds, and brewing worm tea.

San Diego was a sweet place for someone like me to realize the green within my presumed brown thumb. I didn’t have to worry about things like frost dates, strong winds, garden pests (the non-insect type), or winter. Fast forward to 4 years later: I moved to Richland, WA, where I experienced numerous garden fails because I was unprepared to face such problems. I didn’t know that there was such a thing as starting seeds too early or too late, or that hardening off seedlings required more than a day’s time, or that something I planted one day could disappear the next (thanks, gopher/rabbit/mouse).

Gardening east of the Cascades involved a steep learning curve and I eventually started getting the hang of it. Now I’m back in San Diego, armed with new gardening know-how. To ensure I don’t repeat previous mistakes and to help share what I’ve learned with others, I’m using this blog to keep detailed records of my growing efforts, fails and successes.


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