Water saver challenge (day 1)

In honor of World Soil Day, I’m posting my water saver challenge:

How long can I go on watering my vegetable garden only with saved and collected water?


That includes rain water, as well as any water saved from rinsing produce and mugs with unfinished coffee. Thanks to the rain a couple weekends ago, I was able to collect about 290 gallons of rain water (before it rained, I drained the water out my full rain barrels into whatever empty containers I had on hand — plastic storage bins, camping coolers, buckets, etc.

With one 4 ft x 8 ft square bed in a cool season, I’m guessing my water collection will last me 4 months. No calculations went into that guess, I just pulled that number out of thin air. We shall see.

I’ll also be on the lookout for more ways to collect garden water from household tasks.

Oh! I just thought of another one: save the water from boiling eggs.

Any other suggestions for ways to reuse and save water for a veggie garden?


Rain barrels

My household just upped its sustainable gardening practice with the installation of rain barrels. We had a light rain this morning that filled up two 50 gallon rain barrels! Here’s one of the barrels in our setup:


This is a Rescue 50 gallon rain barrel with diverter propped up on four 8″ x 8″ x 16″ concrete blocks. The product came with detailed instructions to install everything. We put a second barrel next to another downspout at the opposite side of the house.

We got to test this setup thanks to a light to moderate rain today. Even just a light to moderate drizzle filled up both of these barrels within a few hours. We could even hear the excess water being diverted back into the downspouts after the barrels were full.

Now I just need some vegetable plants to water.